Friday, October 16, 2009

Rough day -- positive evening

Today was a difficult day for me. I went out to do my grocery shopping and ended up having to call my 19 year old daughter Jessica to rescue me. Some days are great but today I couldn't walk enough to push a cart. It was frustrating to me that I had so much I needed to take care of before I picked up my son Justin from school. Jessica met me at the store and I rode in the motorized cart and she helped me out. She is a true blessing.

I decided to start a blog because I have so much on my mind and I am trying not to bog down my family with all of my thoughts and emotions in dealing with this emotionally exhausting disorder. Usually I try to keep things very positive, but today that is not the reality. I do feel very good about starting this blog because even if no one else reads this, it feels good to just put it out there, somewhere besides spinning around in my head. I feel this is a very positive way for me to let it out. Life is good!


  1. you are so strong and I love you so much! I wish I could take all of your pain away. I hope this blog will help you to feel better and stronger. I hope other people with Dystonia find their way to your blog and that it helps them too.

  2. Lisa,

    You are an amazing sister and always so supportive! Thank you for your very kind message.

    Love ya,